Friday, 5 June 2015

The blindfold game

Have you ever played the blindfold game before? Today our literacy class did it. It was so challenging. The things you need are some blindfolds, some bowls, raw rice, a timer and safety pins.

You have to put the raw rice and safely pins into the bowls. Then you put on the blindfolds and get the timer ready for 1 minute. When it is ready you start it. Then you feel for the safety pins. As soon as the timer goes off you count how many safety pins you have. Then whoever has the most wins.

When we played it was so cool. It was cool because all of us had fun and it was so challenging for us. It is a hard game and all of us enjoyed the game because it was fun and loud that how you could tell we enjoyed it. when I was playing it was funny and I only got 1 and the safety pins felt like the rice. The people that got most Flynlay and Andrew.  

My favorite part is that when flynlay cheated and grabbed the rice and saftey pins in his hands and just put it down. Also I liked how everyone tried.

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