Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Solomon island

WALT: Find and use relevant parts of the text to accurately answer a question

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Have you ever been to the Easter show? I have. It was fun i'm going tell you about it. It was at Green Lane ASB showgrounds and I went with my mentor dale. The first thing we went on was this game Where you put ping pong balls into a plastic clown mouth.  Each ball lands on a number then you add up all your points to get a prize.

Next we went on this ride it was cool the name was Turbo blaster. It was i ride when you go around around i got dizzy.Then i went on this ride it was a tea cup one it was a fun to and it goes around and around it was like the other one but different i like the othere one better . When the ride was done i went to get some hot chips and a drink they was yum.

Soon we went to go back on to the games they were 5 dollars each. The game we went to play was a game when you get this ball and try hit the pins down. Those prizes you can win is 20 dollars or a big teddy bear we one 20 dollars “woow!”. After that we went to play a different game it was a basketball game you have to throw the ball in the hoop and you win a big dog teddy bear.we had lots of prizes and then we got some candy floss it taste nice.

Soon we left and went to get more lunch I had Mcdonalds. I had a big mac it was soo nice. Then we went to the shop to get lollies, a drink and chocolate. After that i went home and ate all of it with my family my favourit part was going on the rides it was so fun.   


“Yay”It’s school picnic today. At friday we to the beach when our hole school was there they told us what to do and what sport there was like ripper rugby,soccer,volleyball,cricket and much more. Then we got to go first i played 3 secon held it is like rugby but different it was cool.

Soon i went down to the beach and looking for my friends. Then i found Tom and we went were the our bags are. Then Miss Lavakula told us there was a prize thing you throw a frisbee and try hit the prize in won 3 of them. The prive’s i won was a truck,stickers and cards.
After we was done i went to my bag and eat. When i was done eating i went down to the beach and look at the sand castles and that. Next i saw my other friends and we went to watch the karaoke it was funny watching them sing.

Soon we pack up and went back to school. my legs was soo saw but it was favourit bit was playing with my freinds. Next when we was at school mrs mark the roll and then we went home yay.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Omaru Creek

This is an animation about Omaru Creek it need's a clean.The water looks ugly and there is to much rubish pleas look after Omaru Creek.

Martin creek 2 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.