Friday, 25 September 2015

Blindfold game

Do you know how to play the blindfold game? Well I know, today Room 8 played it. It is simple to play. It is fun!!!

The equipment you need is coloured plastic balls, containers and five people. How you play is put the coloured plastic balls, six of each colour. Then how much colours there is just get that much counters, we timed our south you can to. You pick the colour ball you're getting then blindfold yourself  then you can start trying to get all your balls.

The funny ones was Machelle and Monte. They was funny because they was grabbing any ball and if you grab the wrong ball you're out. Emmanuel was funny to because he put the ball in the wrong container. It was funny playing this game.

My favourite bit was when it was my turn because it was fun and I enjoyed it. It is one of my favourite games because it gets funny and it is awesome. It is fun you should try it.

I think i might try play this game more. It is hard to because you cant see when the blindfolds on you.

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