Friday, 19 June 2015


Have you ever played basketball before? Every Thursday we have basketball. It is cool because we learn how to play the game and skills like passing.

The skills I liked was shooting so that is beef. Beef stands for balance, eyes on target, elbow and follow throw. It is simple and I found out while playing you can only use 1 hand to throw. I like passing my favourite kind of passing was could pocket pass. You can do it on your left or right. When you do the pocket pass it has to be wear you pocket is and then throw. I also like overhead passing I like the passing because you use it when you throw it in.

When i arrived i was excited like a monkey finding his bananas. Basketball we only get to play the real game now. We do not learn skills any more. I like playing the real game cause every time I look at the hoop it's saying “shoot”. All the time when we played the team cheered for us saying “go go” or “shoot”.

The thing I like about basketball is that we learn different skills. It is a fun sport and it is kind of challenge for me. I also like our coaches that teach us, their names a Mallike and Yaran.

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